CME Artist Services Work Permit Fee Structure

Please note: The fees below do not include the £21 Home Office processing fee which will be added to each act's application (the fee is applied to each act so if a group comprised 30 individuals the Home Office fee would still be £21) or our security deposit of £50 (or 10% of our service cost whichever is greater). Also, for new clients we will charge a one time set up fee of £30*. None of the fees below include UK visa charges which will be needed for all visa nationals and for all non-visa nationals staying longer than 3 months.

Standard Processing Fees

We guarantee turnaround times within 5 working days of receiving the information needed to process the permits (Tier 5 Certificates of Sponsorship or CoS). Faster turnaround times can be met but are charged more (see below). We do not charge VAT

Basic Fee (5 days) Up to 1 month Each Additional Month Multiple Entry
1 CoS £100.00 £40.00 £40.00
Each additional CoS £25.00 £10.00 £10.00
Fast Turnaround Addition to Basic Fee
3-5 days +25%
1-2 days +50%
Within 24 hours +100%
Download CME Artist Services Work Permit Fees


  1. Permits are not released before payment is received
  2. Fees do not include £21 UKVI payment processing fee per act
  3. Fees do not include refundable security deposit payable with fee (£50 or 10% of fee whichever is greater)
  4. Fees do not include UK visa charges which will be needed for all visa nationals and all non-visa nationals staying in the UK longer than 3 months. Visa applications are carried out by the applicant not CME Artist Services
  5. Fees do not include 5.5% PayPal or credit card transaction charges levied by the providers. No fee for BACS or other transfers
  6. We do not charge VAT

Agency Fees

For acts that don't have UK representation we may be able to act on your behalf. Our base rate would be £100 per group. If we have to act as designated tour manager then we will have to meet you at your arrival destination in the UK and therefore charge £50 per day plus travel in addition to the base rate.

Visa Processing Fees

Visa applications are done online by the applicant or the group's management. We do not offer this service nor do we offer a visa application advice service though for any questions on the process not resolved from the UK Gov site answers might be found on our FAQs


1. We charge a £50 security deposit or 10% of the total cost of the CoS whichever is greater. The deposit is to ensure that our clients return the paperwork we require once the Employees have entered the country (passport entry stamp scans) and proof that they have departed as agreed (e.g. photocopy of boarding pass or baggage sticker). On return of the paperwork in the time required we will return the deposit. Failure to comply can result in withdrawal of sponsorship. For new visa nationals clients we also may have to negotiate a site visit fee to cover the cost of visiting the employee/s at their place of work at least once during their stay.

2. For multiple acts in one application (e.g. a tour or festival where a number of acts perform) we will usually charge the whole application as if they were one group because a lot of the set up information is already on hand (our main cost is time in acquiring all the necessary documentation to assign the CoS).