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UK October Tour 2005

The UK October Tour 2005 featured Oh My God, Breaking Laces and Mudfunk

Breaking Laces perform at Britain's voted top music pub - Riffs in Swindon

Billy of Oh My God goes aboriginal at York

Mudfunk at Riffs

High times in the bus after Barnoldswick gig

Ferry on the way to Isle of Arran gig, Scotland

The UK Autumn 2005 Tour List

7-Oct-05 Fri.
Palladium Club, Bideford

8-Oct-05 Sat.
Rocker's Live, Taunton
(Oh My God and Breaking Laces
opening up for Juicy Lucy)

8-Oct-05 Sat .
Brittania Inn, Weston (Mudfunk)

9-Oct-05 Sun.
3pm-6pm - Cooper's Arms, Pewsey

8.30pm - Scally's, Weston-super-mare

10-Oct-05 Mon.
The Bell, Bath

11-Oct-05 Tues.
The Windmill, Brixton, London.
(with the Treliks, superb Garage Punk group!)

12-Oct-05 Wed.
Wellington Hotel, Bristol

13-Oct-05 Thurs.
Riffs , Swindon
(voted best music pub in Britain 2004)

14-Oct-05 Fri.
Gregson Centre, Lancaster

15-Oct-05 Sat.
Aspinall Arms, Mitton

16-Oct-05 Sun.
Yorkshire House, Lancaster

17-Oct-05 Mon.
10am - 3pm - School Workshop
Queen Elizabeth School, Kendal

9pm - Cartmel College, Lancaster University - on campus

18-Oct-05 Tues.
10am - 3pm - School Workshop
Bishop High, Blackpool

9pm - Talbot, Wrexham, Wales

19-Oct-05 Wed.
Dickie Doodles, Kendal

20-Oct-05 Thurs.
Fibbers, York
(part of the Bar Fly Group)

21-Oct-05 Fri.
Aldersyde Hotel, Lanlash, Arran, Scotland

22-Oct-05 Sat.
Greyhound, Barnoldswick

23-Oct-05 Sun
Katrina Victims benefit


First off. I wanted to thank you for the experience of a lifetime. That was some adventure my friend! We really had a blast out there. Thanks again for all of your hard work with this tour!

Sean Rowe, Mudfunk

"This was a wonderful opportunity to play to an international audience. It was a blast. Getting to sleep with the bass player of the Convulsions made the trip!"

Billy O'Neill, Oh My God!
(Billy actually crawled into David's bed after a night of bourbon while the former was in the shower so no actual H&P - ed.)

I just wanted to send you a shout out to thank you for manning the tour. It was an experience I will not soon forget. Thanks for everything...

Seth, Breaking Laces

I am definitely glad that i came over for the tour - the overall experience was well worth it. We met some wonderful people and musicians, played in some cool venues and beautiful cities, consumed inordinate amounts of Rosie's magnificent fish stew, and in general, had an opportunity that only a very small percentage of the population will ever get offered. Additionally, in large part stemming from participation in the tour, we have been getting a fair amount of press. Two articles came out on us this week; one of them the cover story in Unsigned Music Magazine.

Marco, Mudfunk

It sounds like the tour was an absolute blast & success & all that good stuff. Thanks a million for it all, and congrats to you on running such a dope ass program.

Sarah Jaycox, Mgr. Breaking Laces

And some punters:

Me and a few mates saw you while you were in the UK. Every year on New Year’s eve we hold a mock awards night. You'll be pleased to hear that Mudfunk won the album of the year award for live at the grind.

Unfortunately, your trophy is only imaginary, but you have the pleasure of knowing that you beat Oasis and the highly fancied Artic Monkeys to the prize. Best health and wealth.


Congratulations on an absolutely fantastic CME UK tour 2005, all three bands were fantastic. Caught the Aspinall (2) & Greyhound shows, unreal...!! Bring them back if you can. Keep it live........!!

Dave Pinder

You guys have changed my life, thank you so much for all you've done and bringing over such superb musicians.