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Please note that this is an archive page - really more for nostalgia purposes - and has not been updated since 2009

We always like to encourage potential participants to listen to the music of those acts previously selected to get an idea of the music we've picked in the past. Click <AUDIO> for the directory of some of the music of past participants (by year) or see below. The following pictures are a montage from some of our past events and are by no means all of them - more pictures can be seen on the slide shows or in the past event descriptions opposite but the main point to make here is that this whole venture is as much about the joy of travel and meeting wonderful folks as it is about playing great music.

See below for slide shows and videos from some of our events as well as links to past events descriptions with photos and feedback, Blues Bunny reviews and links.

Track: Artist:
Gator Walk Drews
(Americana - USA)
It's A Shame Old Man Brown
(Funk and Soul - USA)
Hook Line And Sinker Krishna Jones (Funk - Australia)
Bought Me A Toy Van Preston
(Country - )
Bought Me A Toy Van Preston
(Country - )

2007 - 2008

Track: Artist:
This Infidelity Transport
(pop - Australia)
Cobblestone Banooba
(beach funk - USA)
The River Curly and the Rocket (blues/RnB - USA)
Controller Green Tara
(RnB - Canada)
Just Another Rock Sound Hovercraft Pirates
(punk - Northern Ireland)

Booth Shot
Lincoln/ Hangman's Reel

Butch Ross
(Appalachian folk - USA)
It's a Crime Matt O'Ree Band
(blues rock - USA)

Videos & Slide Shows

UK October 2005

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UK October 2006

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UK Spring 2008

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Costa Rica 2007

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Events Descriptions & Feedback

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Other Events

Lancaster Music Festival 2009

Slavic Adventure 2009

One Planet Festival 2008

Pewsey Music Festival 2008

Costa Rica 2007

Holland 2006


Blues Bunny
Oct. 2006

Blues Bunny - Independant Music Review

Blues Bunny Review
Spring 2007

Blues Bunny - Independant Music Review

Blues Bunny Review
Oct. 2008

Blues Bunny - Independant Music Review

Blues Bunny Review
Oct. 2007

Blues Bunny - Independant Music Review




Art Kafe Agata

Lancaster Music Festival

One Planet Festival - Lancaster

Pewsey Music Festival




Track: Artist:
Hurricane Big Baby Ernie
(blues funk - USA)
The Streets of Tikrit Kalvin Koolidge
(punk - USA)
Full-Pro Disco Cafe Bar 401
(pop - Holland)
The Crossing Meg Hutchinson
(pop folk - USA)
Going Down to Eli's Wabash Cannonballs
(blues - USA)

Say Goodbye

Fluttr Effect
(goth/rock/classical - USA)
Ciclos Gandhi
(rock - Costa Rica)
Swear It's Not You Convulsions
(British RnB - UK)
Unforgivable Brother Big Bad
(pop / funk - USA)


Some of the artists on this compilation are acts that CMEAS booked in the UK in addition to the main tour event and some are acts that sailed through our peer review and wished to be included on an audio demo given to the UK venues.

Track: Artist:
FunHouse Mirror Mother Oh My God!
(alt rock - USA)
Put You right (live) Mudfunk
(acoustic - USA)
Rocking Chair Breaking Laces
(pop - USA)

Going Down to Eli's

Wabash Cannonballs
(blues - USA)
Alone Mudfunk
Mother's Nightgown Oh My God!
Commie Breaking Laces
Dope Mudfunk
Boom Breaking Laces
Torture Oh My God!


Please note that the acts below (all Chicago) often returned on subsequent CME (as it was known then) events when we were based in Chicago. Since Nov. 24th 2004 CMEAS has gone international and is only booking acts that pass comprehensive peer reviews. Any acts below may still receive booking assistance from CMEAS but will not be on any subsequent CMEAS events that have been opened to competitive online application.


Track: Artist:
Life is Wicked Melissa Ziemmer
Watch Your Step Convulsions
(punk blues)
Swerve PALA
Wolf Whistle Scottish McMillan
Swear it's not you Convulsions


Sweet Kisses Melissa Ziemmer
Don't Listen to Me Scottish McMillan
Girl's in pain Melissa Ziemmer
CHIC-A-GO-GO Girl Convulsions
Hiding out Ghettobillies
(cow punk porn disco)