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Current & Past Opportunities

The award winning Lancaster Music Festival, now in it's 6th year, drew nearly 40,000 festivalgoers last year and that figure is set to rise to 50,000 this year with over 40 venues and locations putting on over 200 acts.

It is because of the success of the festival and the increasing amount of time involved in planning it throughout the year that we've reluctantly decided to knock the Spring and Autumn UK tours on the head for now. There are other factors involved in this decision: the rising costs of running the tours, the increased workload on the workpermit side of our agency and the sad fact that the tours cost our company to run (they were in effect enjoyable loss leaders!)

Should the happy situation arise where our own acts establish significant tour bases we may well indeed share those with other acts in the future but for now we believe Lancaster Music Festival offers the best opportunity and chance to be included in our events.

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