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How to Partner with CME Artist Services: Tour Exchanges and Festivals

1. Tour Exchanges

Think of this as couch surfing for bands.

If you are a hard working band then you will have a gig circuit, your own gear and transport. And a floor on which to crash. You will also be 'grass is greener' to 100's if not 1000's of acts who would love to play in your country (or part of your country).

This is how we started. Our band handed over some of our bookings once a year to other bands in the spirit of collaboration. Acts would stay at our places, be driven in our minibus, use our gear and play in our venues. Those bands then offered their own circuit in return, friendships blossomed, gig bases expanded and great memories and adventure flourished.

If you are interested in pursuing this idea further we need to know:

   1. Who you are, where you live, and at least one online link to your music*
   2. Your proposal (what you are offering and what you want in return and where)
   3. Approximate dates of your offer and date you want the return offer

Then email us this information at putting 'partnership proposal' in the subject line.

We will then review your music and get back in touch with you if your music passes our peer review and your proposal appears serious and well thought through. If you need more information just ask on the same email.

If we both decide to go ahead we will promote your tour on our website and also contact a suitable UK based act who will then apply with the understanding that if you select them they have to offer you a similar tour, festival, workshop, residency etc on their own gig base and on terms you both agree to. It's really that simple.

2. Festivals

CME Artist Services has founded and runs the Lancaster Music Festival yearly since 2009 and now brings in tens of thousands of festivalgoers into the city of Lancaster.

We are happy to share our experience and help other locations start their own festival with the ultimate idea of collaboration especially when it comes to musicians.

If you are a venue, promoter or band interested in discussing a music festival in your location please go to contact page and put 'Festival' in the subject line and then tell us a little about your music scene and we will follow up with you post haste - most probably in person as we enjoy any excuse to travel where music is involved!


*NOTE: We regrettably no longer support tour exchange proposals with USA acts due to the excessive costs involved and the absurd waiting time for USA workpermit applications to be processed. We sincerely hope this sorry state of affairs ends as we are acutely aware of the large number of talented acts both in the UK and USA who would love to perform in each other's country