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Click here to apply  for this eventUK Spring Tour 2012 (May 17-28)

This tour is open to 2-3 acts - original music of all secular genres, all countries.
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[Applications opened March 1st - selected acts were announced Feb. 15th 2012]

This is the sister event to our Autumn Tour and we have run it every May since 2006. We play at some of the friendliest music venues in Britain - whether a rustic thatched venue near Stonehenge, the top music pub in England, a cracking student and local venue in Bath, a famous jazz venue in Bristol, an afterhours club in Devon, the top music venue in Lancaster, or a rural idyll on the banks of the Ribble in the countryside that inspired Tolkien's description of the shire, we believe that any act selected for this tour will have the time of their lives. And will want to come back for more. See Spring 2008 and Spring 2010 for slideshows from previous tours and Past Events for feedback from all previous tours.

The acts selected for the UK Spring Tour 2012 are Flux Capacitor (USA) and Marina Zettl (Austria)

The UK Spring 2012 Tour List

18-May-12 Fri.
Queens Head, Box

19-May-12 Sat.
Three Horse Shoes, Bradford-upon-Avon

20-May-12 Sun.
Cooper's Arms
Pewsey (4pm)

21-May-12 Mon.

22-May-12 Tue.
White Hart

23-May-12 Wed.
Penny Street Bridge
Lancaster (Marina)

24-May-12 Thu.
Penny Street Bridge, Lancaster
(Flux Capacitor)

25-May-12 Fri.
Piel Castle, Ulverston

26-May-12 Sat.
Glastonbrewery, Lancaster Brewery

27-May-12 Sun.
Robert Gillow, Lancaster


Some of the Venues on the 2010 Tour (photos courtesy of Jodie Punto)


Some of our Previous Spring Touring Acts

Danika Holmes (USA) 2011

Buddhuza (Austria) 2011

Miss Quincy (Canada) 2010

Red Gap (Isle of Man) 2010

Old Man Brown (USA) and Drews (Canada) 2009

Hovercraft Pirates (N. Ireland) Green Tara (Canada) 2008

Transport (Australia) 2007

Ebony Tay (USA) 2007

Brother Big Bad (USA) 2006

Fluttr Effect (USA) 2006