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UK Spring Tour 2006

The UK Spring Tour 2006 took place in East Anglia and London and featured three outstanding US acts: Brother Big Bad from Minneapolis, Fluttr Effect from Boston, and Meg Hutchinson from Great Barrington, MA.

Brother Big Bad

Meg Hutchinson

Fluttr Effect

Photos from UK Spring 2006 Tour (thanks to Fluttr Effect for the use of these snaps - full catalog at Fluttr Forum UK)
Brother Big Bad Laura Younger
Jam On the road

The UK Spring 2006 Tour List

28-Apr-06 Fri.
King's Head
Bungay, Suffolk

29-Apr-06 Sat.
The Retreat
Braintree, Essex

30-Apr-06 Sun.
Man in the Moon
Ipswich, Suffolk

01-May-06 Mon.
Private Party

02-May-06 Tue.

03-May-06 Wed.

04-May-06 Thu.
Colchester Institute
Colchester, Essex
(This event comprises workshops during the day 2.30pm - 5.30pm with a gig open to the public in the evening starting at 7.30pm and running to 10pm)

05-May-06 Fri.
St. Anne's Castle
Great Leighs, Essex

06-May-06 Sat.
The Walnut Tree Shades

07-May-06 Sun.
The Windmill Brixton

Fluttr Effect In Colchester Castle Park


"This tour was one of the best weeks of my life- visiting a beautiful country, meeting unbelievably hospitable and entertaining new people, touring with incredible musical acts- becoming their new biggest fan and playing music every night- what could be better??"

DJ Philips, Brother Big Bad

"I just wanted to thank you again for the experience of a lifetime. I will never forget you or our 10 days in East Anglia.

You're not welcome in America unless I can spend some time with you. Bring your harp...we'll hit some blues jams and I think I owe you a beer."

Marcus Bohn, Brother Big Bad

"I'm home safe and sound and jet lagged but surprisingly feeling grand. I want to thank you for truly one of my favorite weeks ever. What a great adventure it was, what a load of good people, f**king good musicians. What good pints and good laughter. Man, it'll all keep me smiling for a long time.

I sure appreciate all the work that went into making the tour happen and your endless patience looking out for us all, leading us at the wheel, the board, the walrus, the s---ff, that final glass of wine that we really shouldn't have had but had regardless... oh what good times. I'm missing everyone already.

Please keep in touch, let me know what plans you're working on. I hope to return soon. All best to ya and thanks again for a brilliant introduction to your country. love meg."

Meg Hutchinson

"England was absolutely fabulous!

A deep and heartfelt thanks to Ben, Tim, Derrick and Candy and all of our new British friends who made it a tour for the ages."

Vessela, Fluttr Effect

Derek & Candy