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UK October Tour 2006

The UK Oct. Tour 2006 featured Big Baby Ernie from New Jersey, Laura Younger from Colchester, UK and Kalvin Koolidge from Boston


Laura Younger Performs at Riff's in Swindon (voted Britain's Best Music Pub 2005-6)
McAlpine Hotel, Isle of Arran, Scottish Highlands
Mr. Stephen Knight, landlord of the Bassett's Arms (the smallest bar in Wiltshire) with Laura and Big Baby Ernie's Manager, Austin
Back of the Minibus - to prove a couple of environmentally friendly points of information
Refuelling the Minibus at a local supermarket
Our Retreat in the Country

The UK Autumn 2006 Tour List

10-Oct-06 Tues.
Blackpool High School(10am-3pm)

11-Oct-06 Wed.
Queen Elizabeth School
Kirby Lonsdale (10am-3pm)
Dickie Doodles
Kendal (9.30pm)

12-Oct-06 Thur.
McAlpine Hotel
Isle of Arran (9pm - very late)

13-Oct-06 Fri.
Aspinall Arms
Mitton, Whalley (9pm - very late)

14-Oct-06 Sat.
Cartmel College
Lancaster University (9pm - students only)

15-Oct-06 Sun.
Cooper's Arms
Pewsey (3pm - 6pm)

16-Oct-06 Mon.
The Bell
Bath (9pm)

17-Oct-06 Tues.
Bristol (9pm)

18-Oct-06 Wed.
Old Duke, Bristol (9pm)

19-Oct-06 Thur.
Patriots Motor Bike Club
Crumlin, S. Wales (9pm)

20-Oct-06 Fri.
Riffs, Swindon (9pm - late)
(voted best music pub in Britain 2004/5)

21-Oct-06 Sat.
Palladium Club
Bideford (9pm - late)

22-Oct-06 Sun.
Black Horse Hotel
Otley, Leeds (9pm)

Review, Slide Show & Testimonials

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October 2005 - Slide Show

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Dearest Ben,

I don't know where to start, but thanks so much for everything. You've given us all the time of our lives. I'm sad that we didn't get the chance for a proper goodbye. I'm no good at goodbyes anyway. We'll just have to pick up where we left off when next we meet.

You've been successful at linking us and KK together. They'll be joining us on stage in a week or two in our home town. And they've invited us to play at one of their shows in NYC on the 25th of Nov. Which is great. I know that linking musicians from around the world, is part of CMEAS's mission statement, so it should make you happy to know that you've done what you've set out to do.

Thanks so much again and please be as frequently in touch as you possibly can.


Love, Your Friend for life,

Ernie [lead singer - Big Baby Ernie]

Uh yeah, I think that's how it happened.

It's starting to come back to me now. I remember something about food and cops and clumps of hair being ripped out of poor Austin's head. Klavin Koolidge kicked ass at McIntyre's Pub...for a minute there I thought I was back in the UK.

And we washed it all down with a Massive Pants Party. If only Ben were there in his obscenely tight gray underwear.


Cheers Ben, Thanks again for the tour. I also would like to team up with you for a tour bus race in the Dakar Rally.

I think you have the best chance of winning. I'll be your co-piolet.

love ya mate,

Bryan "Schmoezie" Brosen

Hey Ben,

what can I say buddy? Thank you so much for having us over and showing us around your beautiful country. It was the absolute pinnacle of my musical career. That is of course until we come back. I'm already going through musical withdrawal.

You have completely changed our band forever, and I can't thank you enough. I hope your gig went well last night. I wish I could have seen you guys play, so we'll have to set something like that up for next time. Anyway, keep in touch. And hopefully we can also set up a US east cost tour with BBE and some others.

talk to you soon.


Jonny [Bass player - Kalvin Koolidge]

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