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Holland Tour 2006

A top band in Holland, Cafebar 401, and a top Dutch booking agent, WMmusic, parterned with CMEAS to put on a first of its kind tour event in their native Netherlands. Two super acts were chosen to join the event: Brazz Tree and Boatzz.

Cafebar 401


Brazz Tree

Holland 2006 Tour List

06-Oct-06 Fri.


07-Oct-06 Sat.

08-Oct-06 Sun.

09-Oct-06 Mon.

10-Oct-06 Tue.
Private Party

12-Oct-06 Thu.
Wilhelmina Pakhuis

13-Oct-06 Fri.
De Piek

14-Oct-06 Sat.
De Buze


Hallo! I've been meaning to you write you, I apologize for that. We had an amazing time, the time of our lives. Everything turned out great. Jo, his wife and the Cafe Bar guys were amazing hosts. They really went out of their way to make sure everything was comfortable and punctual for us. We hit it off with the Cafebar guys immediately, they were super cool dudes and reminded me of our friends back home. We'll never forget them and hopefully we'll cross paths again with them at some point in our lives. We had some great times with the locals and created a ruckus everywhere we went. Every day was like living a new lifetime. The girls are HOT in Holland. Amsterdam was dope! :)
Like all tours some of the shows were really good and others were kinda bunk. We were just happy to be there though. I did an interview with a Dutch online fanzine called Rebel Yell, if your interested in reading it. It's on our myspace page and also on their website.

Matt & Boatzz

Well, it's done, too bad but it's true. We really really enjoyed it! I didn't want to write you an email during the tour because i wanted to be sure nothing went wrong and nothing went wrong except some surprises as no food provided by 2 venues and less money then henk said we would have (Piek - 700 instead of 800).
Great bands but Brazztree is so exceptional great. You must immediately start booking them on big festivals in England at least try it. 100% sure they'll be back in the netherlands next year. At the third gig when the stress was away they've got me. Since them i always had to hide my face because a man should not cry. Anyway, I think, i know all band members, including Matt are really really content and happy. Speak soon